As some of you may already know I visited THE ARCTIC CIRCLE!!!

Before I begin to tell you about my experience there’s something you should know..ME being the Travel and Tourism student that I am booked the flight and accommodation for myself, Anna and Kato to visit Lapland. Hmm, well maybe I should of listened in class more, as I booked the wrong flight and didn’t end up flying to Lapland..

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Sooo some idiot (me) booked our flights and accommodation to Lapland. (Being the travel and tourism student that I am) and ended up booking the wrong flight. So we’re not flying to Rovaniemi. But at least Anna’s still smiling!✈️🌌❄️ #adventuretime #lapland

So yes, me being an idiot booked us a flight to Kemi Tornio instead of Rovanemi. At the time I felt SO bad, I was stressing, annoyed at myself, but Anna and Kato were both laughing at this situation which made me feel better. Looking back at it now it was hilarious but at the time it was the complete opposite. So we were stranded in Kemi for 4 days, the end. NOOOOOOO! But our colleague Pauliina (our hero) came to the rescue, she has relatives in Rovaniemi, so she contacted them. Meanwhile Kato is next to me on Facetime to her family telling them what has happened and can’t stop laughing, then there was me crying inside feeling terrible. But Pauliina finally got back to us and her friend is coming to collect us from Kemi Airport to drive us to our hotel in Rovanemi, I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I could finally breathe again. So we hopped on the plane and off to a random airport we go!  When we arrive there it was a complete ghost town, nothing around, no shops nothing, it was the smallest airport ever. Then we see a women standing outside with a car..A CAR!! WARMTH!!

FINALLY, we got to our hotel after 2 hours of driving and NOW the vacation has began!



My “I’m happy to be alive and in Lapland” smile. Currently standing in the Arctic Circle which is the one and only Santa Claus Village!


OLAF?? This was such a magical place which I can happily tick off my bucket list! We walked around the village and we managed to visit the REAL ST. NICHOLAS! Not going to lie, I felt like a 7 year old girl again having a huge buzz in my body meeting the man himself! It was such a beautiful place, I’m not used to seeing this much snow back in England. 10954700_1646791838919564_1743393807_n


I became one of Santa’s helpers for the day! We did a lot of fun activities this day. Two of our housemates came up just for the day to visit, so we all met up and made a day of it. We went to an ice bar, made our own santa’s and elves out of block of wood, felt, paint and glue which was fun and sticky. Made our own cookies and decorated them, wrote letters with the old feathers and ink (which is harder than it looks, trust me!).


The art of this sculpture was amazing!

I wish I could say that I stayed here for a night, but I didn’t. This is the Ice Bar we went to, it was actually very comfortable and they had different rooms with themes for each one. Example: There was a family room with a double and two singles, a children’s room and a romantic room (I guessed it was considering the lighting was red and had an interesting image carved into the ice above the bed). Then we went to the bar where you can have a shot with an actual Ice shot glass, how amazing? Of course I tried it! It was very fresh on your mouth and made the drink taste 10 times better!

Anna clearing having the time of her life!
Believe it or not but the temperature was -30 degrees so this is how we had to keep warm!
Lapland Squad!! Me, Anna and Kato.

I would of hated myself if I didn’t visit Lapland, so I’m happy I did!

If you have any questions, queries, or you would just like to laugh at me for booking the wrong flight then feel free to message me!! I would HAPPILY answer you!

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