Want to be an Erasmus Student?

I have been getting messages off a few people, asking me how I’ve had this opportunity to go to Finland for 5 months. So, I’m going to explain how you can apply for the programme.

The Erasmus + Programme aims to boost skills and employability, as well as modernising Education, Training, and Youth work. Erasmus + provided THE BEST opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

My process- My tutor at college told me about this opportunity and considering University never applied to me I had nothing to lose, so I went for it and applied. But just to let you know, you don’t have to be in college to apply, it’s available for anyone from 17-30 years of age. Or there is a separate programme called Youth Exchange and this lasts up to 21 days for ages 13-30. I filled in an applications form, you get to chose your top 3 countries that you’d like to apply for, then you have an interview (I got asked to prepare a short presentation) they will then let you know if you have got the place. EASY AS THAT!! My three choices were:

  1. ITALY, Bardolino
  2. FINLAND, Helsinki
  3. SWEDEN, Gothenburg

I actually didn’t get my first choice which at first I was a bit gutted about, but happy that my two friends Lacee and Tasha both got Italy! Me and my friend Airvin got Finland together which was exciting! But I am SO happy I ended up in that country because I wouldn’t of met all the amazing people that I had. Before I know it I’m off to Helsinki for 5 months!!

What to expect? NOTHING!!! The best way is to get on that flight with nothing but an open mind. Of course there are a MILLION things flying through your head at the time. What are my flat mates going to be like? Am i doing the right thing? What is the language barrier going to be like? Will I enjoy it or have to come home? What is it going to be like living on my own for 5 months? All of these were going through mine, but as soon as I got onto that flight, my mind was clear. Expecting nothing is the best thing you could do.

Money- YAY!! THE BEST PART! I paid absolutely nothing for this programme. I got funded money whilst gaining 5 months experience abroad, amazing right? I had to pay £100 deposit which I will be getting back at the end of the programme. They give you a certain amount of money when you’re over there so you can live. Whether you’re sensible and save the money for when you come home..OR you’re crazy like me and go on adventurous trips up and down the country visiting Lapland, or even travelling to another country via a cruise ship as I did to Estonia, Tallinn. Either way it is a VERY reasonable amount!

How do I Apply? Simple, just follow these links and start your adventure!

More information about Erasmus Plus Programme-


Applying/funding for the programme-



If you have any inquires, questions or you would just like a chat about my experience, PLEASE feel free to message me I would happily help you! 🙂




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